School Innovation & Improvement Plan

Outcome goals for this academic school year

School Innovation and Improvement Plan At-a-Glance

  • 2017-2018

  • Waples Mill Elementary School

  • Region 1

  • Greg Brotemarkle, Principal


End of Year SMARTR Outcome #1

100% of students will make measurable progress in the area of targeted grade level math concepts.  Using a Fairfax County performance based task and rubric, students will increase their initial score by at least one point.  Students who initially score in the top range of their grades rubric will further advance their skills by using a performance based task for the next grade and scoring at least a one on that grades rubric.

Strategy 1  

  • Teams will analyze data from previous year.

Strategy 2

  • Focused lessons on selected areas of need. 


End of Year SMARTR Outcome #2

100% of EL (ELP 1-4 and 9), students scoring between 2-4 points on initial task will show at least a two point gain (based on 4 point rubric) on an instructionally appropriate leveled FCPS PerformanceTask/Assessment Rubric.  Students scoring 1 point will make one point gain. 

Strategy 1

  • Students will receive instruction and intervention to facilitate targeted achievement. 


End of Year SMARTR Outcome #3

100% of students will complete at least two Project Based Learning (PBL) projects with a focus on student self-assessment/reflection and designated PoG skills.

Strategy 1

  • Staff Training/Implementation.

Strategy 2

  • Oakton Pyramid PBL Initiative, FCPS CAPSTONExperience & Blended PBL Cohort.